What is important to us

…waht we stand for



„Wood and wool give warmth.”

This is an old and popular wisdom in the Villgraten valley in Eastern Tyrol, Austria. While wood is still used the way it always has been in the building of homes, only now are people once again using natural products for insulation purposes.

The new wool processed in our company comes from the Alpine region and our insulating materials are manufactured by the people from the region. Wool has a long tradition because of its sepcial characteristics and as a regrowing raw material.

We aim to strike a balance between a gentle use of nature and the necessary economic viability.

Not just as a slogan, but as lived reality.

Highest quality

Since 1986 we manufacture a variety of products for homes and buildings from pure new wool in our company Villgrater Natur in Innervillgraten /Eastern Tyrol. Villgrater Natur uses 100% new wool for its Woolin products without binding substances. Other products may contain synthetic materials as it is legal to refer to products as “pure new wool” even if their content of sheep’s wool is as low as 80%.

Our aim is creating products of highest quality and this is monitored by renown independent institutes both in Austria and other European countries. Constant improvement and innovation of our products is part of our philosophy and is achieved in cooperation with experts, universities and through the feedback of our clients.

Your satisfaction

Meeting the high demands of our customers is our first priority.

That is what we stand for since 1986.

Ihr Josef Schett & Team